When Viewing Examples of Student Work:

Often a single example of work may not demonstrate all the required objectives for a particular assignment. Instead students should collectively consider: the required objectives for each assignment, the multiple examples presented on this blog and during in class presentations. As well ideas discovered through a student's independent research in combination with various examples and ideas presented by instructor will ultimately be the best approach for synthesizing ideas and reaching the requirements (and unique outcome) for any particular course project.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Thematic B & W Interior/Exterior Assignment - Rendered Drawings

Regarding Examples Below: Please note the examples of  drawings below do not achieve all the requirements for this assignment. The examples given below were given various grades. These examples below are meant as a guide and offer primarily various formal options in terms of compositions and in some examples depictions of subject matter in deep spaces. 
Consider the listed objectives below and the required subject matter and consult your notes from the lecture that discussed this assignment. If you have any questions contact the instructor.

Thematic B and W Interior/Exterior Assignment Examples

oil pastel          24 x 18 inches
Drawing Studio 1 course

The above assignment offers very good expressive characteristics. As well the requirements of 25% of the drawing having an area consisting of limbs from the person who has done the drawing has also been achieved in a very interesting way. A deeper space should have been depicted but over all a good work and an interesting example of a Homework Assignment.

 acrylic and ink       18 x 24 inches
Drawing Studio 1 course

The above drawing's selected composition demonstrates an exceptional depiction of deep space, but different levels of detail and contrast could have been expanded.  A road trip narrative or journey is referenced here.

black and white conte      24 x 18 inches
Drawing Studio 1 course

Objectives of Assignment: 
-To demonstrate the ability to depict mass and planes (object and forms) in relation to space while utilizing variations of light and shadow in a black and white drawing. 

-In order to get deep space depicted in the drawing assignment, incorporate a room with a window with a view to the outside and or incorporate a door way that opens to a hallway or another room. 

-Explore various drawing sensibilities from controlled to manipulated and expressive mark making on drawing surface.* (generally more control and detail required in foreground with a progression of more expressive mark making towards background).

-This assignment is meant as a culmination of the various black and white drawing materials and formal ideas experienced within this course.  

-For this assignment and most future drawing assignments people will be expected to develop themes in relation to subject matter as well as their formal approaches to drawing materials. 

Subject Matter: 
Select volumes, planes and space that will present a definite sense of foreground, middle ground, and background (deep space) in the drawing. Also depict part of yourself (see examples above) in the drawing (at minimum 25% of drawing area and maximum of 40% of drawing area).  Generally a combination of organic and geometric shapes will give a composition good visual variety in the drawing.

*This assignment requires drawing from observation but you can also incorporate an expressive interpretation which should connect to the themes and concepts in the work, but do try to have more detail and clarity as subject matter progresses to foreground. 

Thematic Content:  
Here again as in the majority of future assignments the use of thematic content is an important concern. As stated in previous assignments Thematic Content may involve choosing symbols, metaphors, allegories, narratives, myths, icons, motifs or combining some of these choices. Thematic content may also be like a word in a poem where a given word has multiple layers of meaning but connects to the poem’s overall theme. Once again you as the artist have the goal of trying to bring multiple layers of meaning into the completed assignment.

Formal Issues and Examples of Various Black and White Drawings: 
Below are links which may assist in researching formal issues when depicting subject matter in black and white drawings. These are ideas in the links below have been covered in previous assignments in course.

This link below will present examples and ideas about drawing objects.  
*This link will also present various formal issues that will include:  process of drawing, additive and subtractive layering of mediums, mark making, mixing of black and white mediums, strategic depiction of (or lack) of detail and contrast. 
*Variation of  edges in shapes  from sharp edges (hard edge) to soft edges (blurry edges) and all of these issues considered in relation to space and composition.

This link below will offer some formal examples of drawing exteriors using various options of black and white materials. Over all these examples in the link below present a very good depiction of deep space and in some examples offer a very good use of atmospheric perspective.

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