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Often a single example of work may not demonstrate all the required objectives for a particular assignment. Instead students should collectively consider: the required objectives for each assignment, the multiple examples presented on this blog and during in class presentations. As well ideas discovered through a student's independent research in combination with various examples and ideas presented by instructor will ultimately be the best approach for synthesizing ideas and reaching the requirements (and unique outcome) for any particular course project.

Monday, September 12, 2022

Assignment 5: Self-Portrait (Formal and Thematic Ideas)


Formal Content 80%
Still going to involve FormaL OBSERVATIONAL ideas of a tonal drawing. Formal Ideas in Relation to Realism is the emphasis but there could be some expressive liberties taken. 

Head should be at least life size or bigger in composition with some kind of thematic background.

-Consider progression of space in relation to various levels of detail, contrast and edges 

-Maximum detailing and high contrast in foreground progressing to decreased detail and low contrast  into the background space

-Sharp (in focus) edges in foreground progressing to softer (out of focus) edges in background (Variation of mark making plays a part in this)

- Have progression not only in a broad sense, but also at each level of foreground, middle ground, background.

Thematic Content 20%
Some thematic content will also be required.
Working from a mirror
You could bring another elements such as:
costume, things from your imagination, or even online filters (such as snap chat, etc.) Your filters should be a combinations of filters - your NOT just relying on one filter. 
Consider backgrounds and potential representational spaces where the person in the self-portrait is located.
BUT the emphasis is still on formal ideas of observation.

Materials Required for Assignment:
Drawing materials to choose from:
-charcoal sticks and charcoal pencils and white chalk
-black & white conte sticks (most ideal) 
-black & white oil pastels
-black ink and white acrylic
(People may also combine some of the mediums above but should consult instructor before they decide to combine any of the listed mediums above)

As well people will need (compulsory materials required):
-Eraser (or scraping tool) 
-Bulldog Clips 
-Paper (18 x 24 inches) 
-Drawing board
-Mirror (for self portraits)
-Clip-on light

Examples of student work to assist people when starting assignment:

Formal Ideas:
Self-Portraits and Portraits (Images)

Thematic Ideas:

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