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Often a single example of work may not demonstrate all the required objectives for a particular assignment. Instead students should collectively consider: the required objectives for each assignment, the multiple examples presented on this blog and during in class presentations. As well ideas discovered through a student's independent research in combination with various examples and ideas presented by instructor will ultimately be the best approach for synthesizing ideas and reaching the requirements (and unique outcome) for any particular course project.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Photoshop Assignment

This assignment should demonstrate a thorough exploration of the Photoshop program with out using filters. Consider the imagery and subject matter in terms of thematic content. Be conscious of avoiding cliché imagery and subject matter, which lacks substantial concepts.  Consider digitally collaged work in relation to Abstract and Surreal spaces.  As a component of this assignment integrate traditional drawing materials into the digital process.
The above Photoshop assignment references too much Science Fiction/Fantasy Imagery and requires further development in terms conceptual, thematic metaphorical content but does demonstrate some very good digital collage techniques with a  reasonable sense of space progressing from foreground to background. This work is also demonstrating the use of playing with different levels of opacity in select layers of the work. As well there are different levels of feathered edges in some select images. As well colour saturation and contrast has been both increased and decreased in different selected areas of the picture.

 The four images above demonstrates traditional drawings beginning to be integrated with the digital collage and painting techniques of Photoshop. As well they offer an examples in the use of the selection tools and fill tool. These works demonstrate another technical option for the Photoshop assignment but keep in mind the above examples do not demonstrate any thematic or metaphorical content. Once again please remember that the Photoshop assignment for this class is required to work towards integrating thematic and metaphorical content into the digital picture.

The five images above once again demonstrates traditional drawing integrated with the digital collage and painting techniques of Photoshop. As well they offer a greater use of colour adjusting and use of the transform tools to manipulate scale and/or alter shapes of select images in certain layers of the picture. Once gain the five examples above does not demonstrate any or very little thematic or metaphorical content, but offers a very good example of technical skill with the Photoshop program. 

The above image demonstrates the use of painting and drawing tools used in Photoshop. The above technique is developed by utilizing different brush sizes and various selections of colour.

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